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5 essential tools for every brand strategist

Brand strategists are the architects behind successful brands. They dive deep into understanding a company's business, products, audience, and competitive landscape in order to craft a strategic plan for positioning the brand for long-term success. To do this important work, brand strategists rely on a diverse set of tools and skills.

While the specific tools may vary, most fall into four key categories:

Research & Measurement

Before any strategy can be developed, brand strategists need to gather data and insights. Some essential research tools include:

  • Interviews, surveys, polls and focus groups to understand target audiences
  • Demographic and psychographic data to build customer profiles
  • Website analytics and social media metrics to assess current brand performance[5]


With so much information to process, organization is critical. Strategists use tools like:

  • Customer journey maps to chart the brand experience
  • Mind maps and mood boards to visualize brand attributes
  • Matrices to map out the brand's positioning relative to competitors[3]

Communication & Collaboration

Brand strategy is a team sport. Tools that enable seamless collaboration include:

  • Project management software to keep initiatives on track
  • Presentation decks to share insights and recommendations
  • Creative briefs to align teams on brand messaging and visual identity[7]

Creation & Presentation

Bringing the brand strategy to life requires tools for creative development such as:

  • Design software for logo creation and visual identity
  • Diagramming tools to illustrate brand architecture
  • Brand guidelines to codify standards for consistency[3]

While technology has expanded the brand strategist's toolkit with analytics platforms and collaboration software, some trusty analog tools like whiteboards, sketchpads and sticky notes remain go-to's for many practitioners.

Ultimately, the most important tool is the brand strategist's ability to synthesize information, uncover insights, and translate them into an actionable brand strategy. Partnering with a skilled brand strategist who can deftly wield these tools is one of the best investments a company can make in its brand.

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