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Why you should care about your Brand Positioning Statement: Examples and Tips

Compelling Positioning Statements

The Art of Writing a Compelling Positioning Statement

Writing a compelling positioning statement is a crucial step toward effective branding and marketing. It's not just about what you say about your brand, but how you say it. A well-crafted positioning statement not only communicates the unique value of your brand but also directly addresses your target audience and differentiates you from the competition.

What is a Positioning Statement?

A positioning statement is at the heart of your branding and marketing strategies. It summarizes what your products or services are and how they meet the needs of your target audience. It serves as a guide for all your brand and marketing activities, from your logo to advertising to packaging.

Key Components of a Successful Positioning Statement

Target Audience

Your positioning statement should clearly define who your target audience is. Do you know their needs, preferences, and pain points?

Value Proposition

What makes your offer unique? Your positioning statement should clearly articulate the unique value you provide.

Competitive Advantage

What sets you apart from others? Identify what makes your brand special and why customers should choose you.


Your brand should have a clear identity and personality that are reflected in your positioning statement.

Five Tips for a Strong Positioning Statement

  1. Understand Your Industry: Know the market and your place within it. What does your target audience expect from your industry, and how can you exceed those expectations?

  2. Know Your Brand: Be an expert on your own offering. Know your story, your values, and the problem you're solving.

  3. Prove Your Worth: Ensure your product or service delivers on what your brand promises. Can you prove you're better than the competition?

  4. Keep It Brief: A positioning statement should be clear and concise. Avoid industry jargon and complicated phrasing.

  5. Clarity is Key: Ensure your statement accurately reflects what you want to say about your brand. It should clearly communicate the core values and promise of your brand.

Examples of Positioning Statements

Here are some inspiring examples of positioning statements from well-known brands:

  • Nike: "For athletes seeking performance and style, Nike offers innovative products made from quality materials."

  • Apple: "Apple stands for technological innovation and advanced solutions that positively impact people's lives and the planet."

  • Airbnb: "Airbnb connects travelers with unique experiences worldwide, offering unparalleled selection and diversity in accommodations."

  • Coca-Cola: "Coca-Cola provides a variety of refreshing beverages that bring moments of happiness and positivity into people's lives."

By creating a clear and compelling positioning statement for your brand, you give your business a voice and direction. It allows you to create cohesive and impactful marketing materials that convey the value of your brand to your customers.

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