"It truly felt like magic"

Dan Mindru

"WTF…this is good!"

Sandra Djajic

"Shit man, this thing is gold!"

Yossi Segev

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Find your positioning, get your marketing strategy and increase your revenue with our AI-powered brand positioning & strategy toolkit. Get insights in 5 minutes.

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This is how Branding5 works.

  1. Input Your Details

    Quickly submit your company's name, description, and unique selling proposition.

  2. Choose Four Archetypes

    Select from twelve classic branding archetypes to reflect your brand’s personality.

  3. Answer Key Questions

    Our system analyzes your responses to pinpoint your brand's ideal archetype.

  4. Make your brand stand out

    Select unique brand dynamic pairs we generate to enhance your brand's positioning.

  5. Receive Your Brand Strategy

    Receive a tailored report with brand positioning, identity tools, and creative strategies.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our satisfied customers have to say about Branding5.

Dan Mindru - Shipixen

I can't say enough great things about Branding5. Whatever algorithm they use, it's doing a fantastic job. It truly felt like magic by the end of it. The most surprising part was how in-depth the generated positioning was. With each section I got more and more impressed. They clearly spent time on all the details to get this just right. I'll be using it again in the future for any new project, no doubt.

Sandra Djajic - Klu.so

WTF…this is good!!

Yossi Segev - SEO Stuff

Shit man, I'm at the last stage and this thing is gold! The design, the way it explain to you what is going on

Philipp Keller - backl.io

You have created something very nice here 💪

Dmytro Krasun - ScreenshotOne

The bonus of exploring Branding5 and playing with it for building your brand strategy is not in the strategy itself, but learning the structured approach to branding and reassessing your brand from the new perspectives.

Florian Vates - MonAi

By far the best AI generated tagline I've seen so far. I actually really dig it! Obviously that's just one of the nice things you'll get with @Matt_heyqq and @Dima_heyqqnew tool "Branding5". Tried it and got some really great insights! Well done you two 👏

Stefan Mayer - codesnippets.ai

WOW! It's so good omg!

Rafal - Chatwith

positioning is what the majority startups (especially indie makers) struggle with. kudos for noticing the need and good luck addressing it! you’re into something 👏


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